Honestly guys, I have no idea what the story behind this game was until I looked it up. That is how unimportant the story is to the overall game. I had to take the time to look up what the story is supposed to be about. Anyway, The game takes place in a fictional world controlled by the “game god” and random lawmakers. The player becomes a “blood knight” who acts as the police of the world, protecting it from evil. That’s it… I apparently missed this explanation and it doesn’t come up again in the story as far as I know.

Moving on, there are so many issues that I have with this game. One of them being the over-sexualization of females. All of the characters have predetermined gender and ethnicity (none of which were people of color). All the female characters are hypersexualized, wearing low cut tops that semi exposes their breasts that are constantly bouncing to the point the boobage threatens to be fully exposed with nearly every movement. So much for the video game industry making an effort to include women. This type of grotesque animation style is what drives some women away.

bdb122_9710169c8df748d3a9311525811dbbdf-mv2Anyway, There are four classes of character each has their own backstory that is quite detailed but completely unnecessary to read or put into memory. Swordmaster, enchantress, sharpshooter, blood hunter are the four classes. Sharpshooters have guns but relatively weak attacks that lack control and precision however the sheer number of shots fired can make up for his overall weakness especially when he attacks at close range. The sharpshooter character is a male with two futuristic costumes with guns and wings.

The sword master is a close range powerhouse. She moves swiftly to the enemy and has such control and precision that it is enough to clear most enemies from the path, her wings are angelic in look. The character is a female and she has such control over her attacks that she is rather hard to beat in PVP.  The enchantress is a long range attacker that deals a large amount of area damage. Her close range skills are quite limited however she does a great job at creating distance when necessary. Movement wise she is slow her control and targeting at a distance makes her a formidable opponent. The character is female and had wings similar to a butterfly and her wings seem to glitter she carries a scepter which is the primary weapon. Those are all the human characters, the final class, is blood hunter which is a terminator wolf  that is a very good all-around combatant. Officially he is a close range fighter who can perform combo attacks in great succession. He is about equal in attack and defense which makes this character a good choice all around. His suit is his only weapon and is fierce on it is his attacks cause major damage with little effort on the player’s part.

The tutorial has a lot of backstory (do not confuse this with overall narrative), giving the player a detailed description of the world and the struggle that exists within it. The tutorial also isn’t skippable and neither is the excessive amount of dialogue this game includes. Game developer…we are no longer in the 90’s! It is okay to make skippable cutscenes when it isn’t needed for the actual gameplay.bdb122_c73d59b8e6d54d11aefc3394b1441b89-mv2

The game features a variety of main and daily quests.  The combat system features normal and skill based attacks. The normal attack doesn’t cost magic and repeatedly tapping it can create combos. Skill attacks cost magic and have a cooldown time while normal attacks have neither a magic cost nor a cooldown time. The player can only take four skill attacks into battle at a time. The best attack skills vary based on the class the player decided to join. The final option in battle is dodge which uses stamina. The game features a joystick that helps with movement but utilizes tap elements when it comes to attacks.

This game is clearly about making money to the point that it detracts from the game. Don’t get me wrong, I understand charging for your work but this is ridiculous. Just make us pay one flat fee if you want money! Make free to play games fun enough that I don’t notice the constant hands in my face asking me to pay. This game treats people like a prostitute treats clients. If the money isn’t on the table few services are provided. The game also doesn’t provide the player with any way to earn currency in the game without purchasing it.

The game is definitely geared towards males which would be fine if the game had substance and other factors that would also allow a female player to feel included in the community. The game is rated for teen so I can only assume that’s who they are targeting, horny teens that want to see women in attire that are horribly unsuitable for their bodies. News flash, porn is free on the internet. If you want to see naked women, go there. This game fails in many areas, making me question myself for choosing this game.

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