Fans have been eagerly awaiting the new “Kino’s Journey: The Animated Series,” after enjoying the acclaimed light novels and original 2003 anime.

You won’t have to wait long for the English Dub – with only four Japanese dub episodes released, FUNimation is already picking up the English Dub!

The first episode of “Kino’s Journey: The Animated Series” features a country where anyone can murder. However, there is a twist to this rule. The stories in this new animated series are similar to the 2003 anime.

Some people have voiced concern that the direction of the story focuses too much on guns. Kino is not known to shoot or kill as much as she does in the first three episodes.


FUNimation Picks Up "Kino's Journey"
Episode 1. Kino meets a stranger who wishes to travel to the murderous country, where he will be free to kill.

The second episode features the Colosseum country, where travelers must fight to the death. This story was in the original 2003 anime, though it is a much shorter take.

In the third episode, Kino comes across a mobile country, which plows through other countries and leaves behind a trail of destruction.

As for the fourth episode, it is now available online!


Episode 2. Just before entering the Colosseum country, Kino comes across a beautiful woman.

The cast for the English Dub, listed by Crunchyroll:


Kino: Lindsay Seidel

Hermes: Derick Snow

Episode 1

Man: Ian Sinclair

Regel: Garrett Schenck

Crew ADR Director: Kyle Phillips

Assistant ADR Director: Tabitha Ray

ADR Engineer: Jeremy Woods

Scripts: Aaron Dismuke

Mixing Engineer: Gino Palencia


Episode 3. A seemingly boring day, until something gigantic appears.

In the 2003 English Dub anime, Kelli Cousins was the voice of Kino, while Cynthia Martinez took on Hermes. Though the anime was not as well known in the West, “Kino’s Journey” has recently been sparking new conversations among anime fans. There’s some ripe material for fans to talk about!