“The Flash” S4E3 Recap: Luck Be A Lady


Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction. Apparently, this applies to luck as well.

This week’s meta villain is nicknamed Hazard. Hazard’s power involves having extremely good luck. Because of this, she radiates an aura of bad luck that affects anyone around her.

This episode opens giving us the back story on Hazard, a.k.a. Becky. Becky encountered misfortune for most of her life. Nothing seemed to be going her way. After she was fired from her job three weeks ago, she got on a bus, where a flash of light appeared, and her luck changed. We see Kilg%re on this bus along with 10 other people, meaning that there are 12 new metas in Central City, and Team Flash has only caught one.

Costume comparison for Hazard flash s4e3 recap luck lady
Hazard’s comic and show costume comparison

Because this episode deals with bad luck, there are a lot of crazy high jinks that happen in this episode.

When Hazard walks into a bank, she simply says hello to a security guard and he has a heart attack, knocking over the ladder of a security camera repairman. She then walks up to the front desk and a man spills his coffee all over a computer, causing it to short-circuit and catch fire. This creates a huge distraction that allows her to just walk into the open vault, casually grab a handful of money. And she walks out like nothing happened. Then Barry trips on a bunch of marbles like he’s a cartoon character that just happens to fall into the road. This is only the first scene where we see Hazard’s powers at play. They are all equally ridiculous and funny.

Bad events befall Team Flash this episode, even without Hazard’s influence. Harry Wells comes back from Earth 2 to give Wally a breakup cube (a hologram cube containing a personalized message complete with sad music and tissue dispenser) from Jesse, and he is devastated.

Barry sees Iris trying on her wedding dress before the wedding day, which she comments is bad luck. After this, every wedding venue they were considering becomes booked. Iris panics and decides on a shotgun wedding. However, as they’re about to get married, the priest has an extreme allergic reaction to the incense burning in the church and he can no longer continue the ceremony. To make matters worse, the old west house is having maintenance problems, which puts a lot of stress on Joe.

The final bad luck revelation for Team Flash is that Barry was the one who created the 12 metahumans on the bus, including Hazard and Kilg%re. When he popped out of the Speedforce, the portal he created leaked dark matter, granting superpowers to everyone in the immediate vicinity. Of course, this wouldn’t have happened if The Thinker hadn’t made the Samuroid to get Barry out of the Speedforce. This still weighs heavily on Team Flash as they all feel like they screwed up. But hey, at least Harry is sticking around.

flash s4e3 recap luck lady

After a few more embarrassing mishaps, including handcuffing himself, Barry finally captures Hazard. Once all the chaos calms down, we are given a few more reveals. Cecile is pregnant, Wally feels the need to leave and find his own stride, and The Thinker still has remote access to the Samuroid head in Star Labs.

Author’s Thoughts

This was a pretty entertaining episode. I’m glad Hazard wasn’t just an evil, murderous, bad person. Yes, she stole, and when confronted by Barry she refused to get help or stop putting herself in situations that triggered her power. She just seemed like a selfish person blinded by luck. I’m sure most people would rationalize things the same way she did. It was also nice that she didn’t directly control her ability, which made the events around her seem more random and out of anyone’s control.

I don’t understand how everyone is cool with the particle accelerator exploding again. My guess is that this explosion didn’t involve any dark matter, but maybe I shouldn’t question Deus Ex Machinas.

I don’t quite understand The Thinker’s plan. I’m sure it will all make sense once everything is revealed. But for now, we have to sit back and wait week by week as each piece of the plan unveils itself. I worry that subplot surrounding The Thinker might become stale if the pace stays the same. For now, the “meta of the week” style is fun and allows the show to be varied each episode.

I’ve talked about Wally being disappointing because I don’t think his character has lived up to his potential. He even makes a comment about how he wasn’t there during the final conflict with Hazard and nobody noticed.

flash s4e3 recap luck lady

From a writing viewpoint, I understand why having two speedsters on the same team really lowers any challenge thrown at Team Flash, but they have really underutilized him. I suggested last week that Wally goes to Earth 2 with Jesse. But after the breakup scene, going to Blue Valley seems like a good move for him. Hopefully, when he returns, the writers will give him a little more focus. And show him saving the day and being worthy of being called Kid Flash.

Although I am sad to see Wally leave, Harry is back, and I love it. He immediately starts getting on Cisco’s nerves and is condescending in a socially awkward way. He really balances out the rest of the team. I always enjoy seeing Tom Cavanagh on screen no matter what version of Harrison Wells he is playing. I am excited for next week’s episode, which he will direct.

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