Supergirl S2 E21: Resist


So, where did we leave off from the last episode of SG?  Oh yes, Daxomites invading planet earth, massing in National City, and it’s all looking very “Independence Day”.  Also, Lena and Mon-El were taken when they tried to stop Rhea from opening the portal.  So Lena and Mon-El are now being held captive on Rhea’s ship and Rhea is doing a little “shipping” herself.  Ha ha!  Okay that was terrible, but she has big dreams for her son and her new protege. Marriage, babies, the whole caboodle.   Unfortunately, Mon-El and Lena aren’t too keen on getting married or having babies.  Unfortunately for them, Rhea doesn’t care.

Since her daughter has been kidnapped and the NCPD and the DEO have both basically been destroyed by the Daxomites, Lillian Luther shows up offering her help to take the Daxomites down.  No one wants to trust her, but no one else has any great ideas on how to get Mon-El and Lena back, as well as destroy the mother ship.  Furthermore, the POTUS has ordered the DEO to use the positron cannon that has been secretly kept at the DEO.  Wth J’onn in a coma, Alex is acting commander and has to follow orders to fire on the ship, even though she knows Lena and Mon-El are inside.  We find out a bit more about the POTUS when she is forced to reveal herself when Air Force One is shot down over NC.  She is a refugee alien who wants to help earth remain a safe, peaceful place for alien refugees. That’s what she says anyway.  I’m skeptical, but we shall see.

SG finally agrees to let Lillian help and Lillian has a plan that will get them on the ship so they can rescue Lena and Mon-El.  And what do they use?  The Phantom Zone projector of course!  Classic.  Cat Grant is back in town, being besties with the POTUS and knowing everything and also being annoyingly blasé about everything.  Nevertheless, she is being helpful and offers to act as a distraction so no one will notice when SG teleports herself onto Rhea’s command ship.  The trouble is, Alex may have to shoot down the ship before SG can rescue everyone in time.

Meanwhile, Lena and Mon-El have been coerced into marrying each other or else Rhea will open fire on a children’s hospital.  Luckily, Cat Grant interrupts the ceremony by taking over the airwaves.  She gives the pep talk of the century to the citizens of NC (and the rest of the world) and encourages them to fight back against the Daxomites.  Mon-El and Lena take the opportunity to work out their own escape and they meet SG, Lillian and friends.  Lillian takes Lena back with her, then immediately shuts down the Phantom Zone projector, stranding Mon-El and SG on the ship.  Too bad for her that SG brought a device to remotely activate the projector.  She sends Mon-El back but remains behind to negotiate with Rhea before Alex destroys the ship.

Just as Alex is about to fire, knowing SG is still on board, something or someone destroys the positron cannon.

SG does her best to get Rhea to surrender, thinking the positron cannon is moments away from vaporizing the ship.  But, Rhea has another trick up her tight, off-the-shoulder sleeve.  Wham!  SG gets thrown on her butt from out of nowhere by…is it a bird?  A plane?  Nope, it’s Superman.  Superman is on the ship and attacking SG, which can only mean he is obeying orders from Rhea, for whatever reason.  Which means Superman is probably gonna try to reclaim the title of The Only Kryptonian on Earth.  Good luck Supergirl!