Supergirl S2 Episode 19: Alex


You know when you go to the movies and you see a great preview?  Months later you go see the movie and find out all the best parts of the movie were in the 30-second trailer.  That’s like what last week’s episode of Supergirl was.  Episode 19, entitled ‘Alex’ looked to be a great story, and even though I should have known better, it was just a pretty piece of editing that I fell for hook, line and sinker.

Alex disappears and no one knows where she is.  Then Kara gets a phone call from the kidnapper.  He knows Kara and SG are the same person, and he wants a man serving a life sentence released from prison or Alex will die.  The DEO immediately tries to find out who the kidnapper is and Alex’s location but her subdermal tracker isn’t working.

Kara and Maggie are both frantically doing all they can to find Alex but there is tension since Maggie doesn’t always agree with SG’s methods.

They figure out the kidnapper is Rick Malvern, someone who grew up with Kara and Alex and figured out a long time ago that Kara had superpowers.  The prisoner is his father, Peter Johnson.

Alex is able to dig her tracker out of her skin and make it work again by cutting it out with a broken credit card from her wallet.  So that’s cool and all McGuiver-y and stuff, but it seemed a bit of a stretch that a kidnapper is going to leave her with her wallet.  And as it turns out, the tracker’s signal just got re-routed to a false location so the DEO hit another dead end.  Rick speeds up the clock on his deadline and Alex is given 4 hours instead of 24 like he first offered.  The cell Alex is in starts filling with water.

SG starts punching stuff and Maggie is frustrated at SG’s negotiating skills.  Rick convinces Maggie that she is more capable of bending the rules than SG.  Maggie decides to go rogue and break Peter out of prison, since she’s a cop and no one will ask questions.  Even so, a cop waltzing into a maximum security prison unnoticed is a just a bit of a stretch, even in SG world.   SG catches up with Maggie and Peter and gives him the pep talk of the century, convincing him to do his son a favor and not let Rick get away with kidnapping/murder/terrorism, etc.  This show relies waaaaay too much on epic pep talks.  Peter gives them info as to where Rick might be holding Alex.  SG finds her just as Alex runs out of air.

One thing that didn’t work in this episode is Alex’s and Kara’s attempts at anger/determination to find the kidnapper or escape from the kidnapper.  At various points throughout the show both are yelling/threatening and it just wasn’t believable. They were acting like an actor who is supposed to be angry/frantic/frustrated sister instead of actually being angry/frantic/frustrated.

One thing that did work is that the A and B plots finally started to mingle a bit!  Rhea introduces herself to Lena and proposes they work together on new technology that could teleport anything around the world, instantly.  Lena is intrigued but quickly shows Rhea the door when she figures out she’s an alien.  Rhea leaves but comes back asking for another chance.  Lena tries to ask Kara her opinion and see if she knows anything about Rhea but she’s busy doing a terrible job of negotiating with her sister’s kidnapper to talk to Lena.  So, it’s not much, but it’s a start.  Good job, writers.  A for effort but only 2.5/5 stars.