Supergirl S2 Episode 20: City of Lost Children


Okay, now we’re getting somewhere!  Plots, arcs and storylines are going from mere acquaintances to very good friends!  I realize the season is drawing to a close and the show’s writers and producers are saving their best stuff for last.  A bit of a sad commentary that what is showing now is their best stuff since it only takes the show from ‘meh’ to ‘pretty good’.  Ah well, at least they have another season to keep trying.

James is feeling super bummed cause people aren’t loving his whole vigilante schtick.  He seems to be inspiring fear rather than hope or gratitude.  There was a clever reference in this scene to Batman when James felt he could maybe finally relate to Superman’s “other friend”.

Lena’s super pumped to have Rhea as a mentor and the loving supportive mother-figure she never had.  Poor Lena.  One of these days maybe someone else besides Kara/SG won’t use her as a means to an end.  But it’s not this day!  While Lena and Rhea are running tests and trying to get the anion portal working, an alien wreaks havoc in downtown NC with her telekinetic powers.  She gets away before the police or DEO can find out who she is, though they do figure out she is a Phorian, who are usually peaceful aliens.  Even though James is feeling a bit lost, he gets a tip about the location of the missing Phorian woman during one of his nightly Guardian busts.  James goes to her house and waltzes right in but only finds a young boy, the woman’s son named Marcus.  He is taken into custody but he won’t speak to anyone.  Marcus does finally respond to James, and it turns out they have some stuff in common.  Unfortunately, he goes into a telekinetic trance of his own and nearly takes down the Catco building.

The tests keep failing on the teleporter and Lena is frustrated.  She wants to prove she’s as brilliant as her brother Lex but Rhea helps her think outside the Lex-box.  Lena figures out a way to make it work not by giving the generator more power but by balancing the elements that are already there.  Mon-El catches a glimpse of Rhea and is worried she is still on earth but can’t find any evidence of her presence.

Marcus’ telekinetic powers are being suppressed at the DEO and he sees (telepathically) where his mother is hiding.  He takes James and Winn there and they find a whole bunch of other Phorians as well.  At the same time, Lena succeeds in getting the portal to work.  The thing that’s unclear is how the Phorians and the teleporter are connected.  What is causing them to lose control of their powers and what purpose does it serve Rhea and her teleporter?  It’s true that their destructive trance and the teleporter are connected somehow but it’s never really made clear.  I’m willing to make some leaps when it comes to sci-fi but this seemed like a gaping hole in the plot that should have been filled.

James is able to break through to Marcus and snap him out of it (cause they’re super tight and there’s no power like the power of friendship) and Marcus is able to wake the other Phorians from their trance.  Unfortunately, Rhea has already exploited the power she needs to open the teleporter to allow a huge fleet of Daxomite ships into Earth’s atmosphere and National City.  It’s at this point that Lena realizes the person she just met and knows nothing about (but decided to trust completely) lied to her and used her.  And then she gets knocked out.  Mon-El tries to stop his mom too (with a gun) but can’t bring himself to pull the trigger thanks to Rhea’s awesome monologuing.  The show ends with hundreds of Daxomite ships floating over National City and Rhea monologuing (again) about making Earth the new Daxom.

So, the plots are more intertwined, things are getting pretty tense and it’s all very compelling but SG still needs to close up the plot holes.  3/5 stars.



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