With less than two weeks until the premiere of the sixth season of American Horror Story on FX, fans of the show still have not gotten a definitive answer to what this new season’s theme will be.

Each season of AHS has been given a central, demented theme and fans usually know months before the premiere, but Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, and team have been really hush about this season’s overall theme. FX’s CEO John Landgraf, commented, a couple of weeks ago, to Hollywood Report that die-hard viewers waiting for an announcement about the subject matter of season six of the Ryan Murphy drama will have to keep waiting.”

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Here is what we know for certain about AHS so far: Sadly, Jessica Lange will not be returning for this season; however, several of American Horror Story recurring cast members are confirmed to return for the new season: Sarah Paulson, Lady Gaga, Evan Peters, Denis O’Hare, Angela Bassett, Matt Bomer, and Leslie Jordan. No details about their characters yet, but the most information has come from Bassett, who spoke to Entertainment Weekly that her character would “imbibe a little bit too much and yet [she is] also very intuitive and maybe Sarah [Paulson is] is somehow the boss.”

Kathy Bates and Emma Roberts might return but their confirmations remain a big question mark. During this year’s Comic-Con Scream Queens panel, Roberts said there was a chance she’ll appear in Season 6. Rumors have also indicated Murphy also might have gotten Cuba Gooding Jr, since he has been spotted on set, according to TMZ.

Now that the cast is sorted out, that doesn’t help much with the theme. Over the past month, AHS and FX have released 19 promo videos, including teaser trailers of a woman’s mouth with an eyeball, promo poster of a horned creature and a teaser trailer of a spider crawling out of a woman’s mouth and eyes. The most recent trailer was “The Lesson,” a creepy 28-second trailer feature six children, four boys and two girls sitting at school desks, in a pyramid shape in a corn field. Very reminiscent of Stephen King’s Children of the Corn?

From the trailers, theories about the upcoming season have pointed to the antichrist as a baby, a murderous family, and a colonial-era. But if you have noticed, most of the trailers have a “farm” element to them. However, Landgraf has remarked, “There are many more trailers than you’ve actually seen for hypothetical seasons of American Horror Story—different genres, different places. One of them is accurate; the others are all misdirects.”  So even with the common theme and all the theories we have to choose from the 20 promo videos to which one is right. Thanks, Ryan Murphy!

No matter how many speculations and theories we all can come up with, the fact remains that the theme probably won’t be released until the season premiere on September 14 on FX at 10 p.m. One thing to remember, these promo posters and teaser trailers have been all over the place as far as context, but one thing remains common: “6?” The theme could be just fear itself; the common fears, but the ongoing struggle of not knowing what causes fear and anxiety, and not knowing what to expect. What do you think the upcoming season of American Horror Story will be about?

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