The Flash mid-season finale has left many of its viewers in a state of perpetual shock, and a ravenous need to find out the fates of our favorite Central City citizens. Savitar, the season 3 antagonist, informed the scarlet speedster that he is from the future and Team Flash will experience a betrayal, a loss, and someone will experience a fate worse than death. Shortly after the announcement we learned who will die in the future after Barry is accidently transported there. No spoilers here but Kevin Smith was not the only person shedding tears. Even though the episode ended on a high note, filled with team bonding and Barry and Iris taking the next step in their relationship, fans are still wondering who will betray Barry and who will have a fate worse than death.

Luckily for us, Tom Cavanagh quenched fans’ thirst by posting a sneak peek of the upcoming episode on his facebook account. While the video doesn’t exactly solve the mystery, we do see tension rising between Barry and Wally.

This is most certainly a call back to the season 3 premiere in which Wally West was fatally injured after he decided to forgo the plan that he and Barry agreed upon in order to deal with The Rival. It could also be an indication that the stress from knowing the future and the severity of the situation is causing Barry to act harsher than the team is accustomed to seeing. The upcoming title definitely suggests the later. According to IMDB the tenth episode of season 3 is titled ‘Borrowing Problems from the Future’. Perhaps Barry is the cause of the betrayal and could Wally West be the person to do it? In the mid-season finale, the camera lingered on Wally while Savitar spoke of the future betrayal.

Other possible betrayers include Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon. Early in the Season Caitlin’s frost abilities created a disassociative disorder that allowed the Killer Frost persona to rear her head and cause havoc. However, the science behind how her ability could cause the bloodlust was not explained. During the Killer Frost arc, Cisco vibed the future, and now we know that at some point Caitlin and Cisco will be fighting on opposite sides. We do not know who is fighting for or against Team Flash because the scene lacked context.

Let us know what you think about the sneak peak and what it could mean for the upcoming episode down in the comments.

The tenth episode of the season is scheduled to air on January 24, 2017.