Overwatch: Halloween Skins leaked

Halloween has come to Overwatch! And it brought plenty of treats and one or two tricks.

Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event began October 10th. If last year’s event was good, this one is better by miles. Junkenstein’s Revenge returns for another castle raid on a special map, but this time, brings a new villain into the mix: Symmetra, the Summoner sporting her spooky Dragon skin. Junkenstein’s Revenge has an additional game mode: “Endless Mode”. In Endless Mode, characters must survive 12 waves of omnics. Four additional heroes are added to the pool: Genji, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, and Zenyatta.

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If those options aren’t enough, there are custom games cropping up with all heroes available. Players are free to make their own as well.

Overwatch Halloween Terror!

Blizzard teased McCree’s and Reaper’s skins early and released images of some others: Mei, Zenyatta, and Symmetra. Three others have legendary skins: Ana, Torbjorn, and Zarya have some excellent costumes this year. Ana has my personal favorite, a pirate, complete with a parrot and a blunderbuss-sniper rifle.

Overwatch Halloween Terror!

Torbjorn’s skin is one he should have had long ago: a Viking. About time, Blizzard.

Overwatch Halloween Terror!

And Zarya’s 80’s aerobics skin pairs perfectly with her dance emote.

Speaking of emotes, Mei’s new hop emote might seem unusual at first, but her Halloween skin is based on a jiang shi. This Chinese vampire moves by hopping, with arms outstretched. Well played, Blizzard.

Last year, Hollywood had spooky Halloween decorations added to it. Halloween Hollywood returns again this year, bringing with it Halloween Eichenwalde. The map resembles Junkenstein’s Revenge with the addition of Tesla coils in the castle and other Halloween décor throughout the map.

And now for Blizzard’s tricks:
A blanket nerf to ultimate abilities arrived with the patch. Once the player presses Q, the ultimate is cast, whether or not the ultimate has actually taken effect. For instance, a Lucio leaps into the air to cast his ultimate, but if he dies before landing and thus before Sound Barrier takes effect, the ultimate is lost.

Sombra received a buff. Her hack can interrupt cast ultimates and abilities as they are cast. She can hack Reinhardts’s Earthshatter, D.Va’s Call Mech, Ana’s Nano Boost, Mei’s Blizzard, and Orisa’s Supercharger.

D.Va’s boosters received a change. Players can now hold down boosters rather than toggling them. This is under the hero options for D.Va.

The treats outweigh the tricks in this event. Going from October 10th to November 1st, Halloween Terror is now live. Now, I have to go spend some coins on that Ana skin.